SBJ to begin horizontal drilling into San Miguel zone in Dimmit County, TX
SBJ to complete horizontal drilling, water flood plan targeting San Miguel zone on Dimmit County, TX
SBJ begins work over & new drill targeting Eagle Ford shale in Dewitt County, TX
SBJ completes evaluation of Granite Wash drilling targets
SBJ spuds well in Archer County, TX
SBJ begins evaluation of Granite Wash acreage in Texas panhandle for drilling targets
SBJ begins work on developing land bank of prospective leases in Texas
SBJ begins evaluation of Wood Ford shale leases in Central Oklahoma
SBJ completes evaluation of Wood ford shale leases in Central Oklahoma
SBJ develops plan for horizontal drilling in the San Miguel zone on Dimmit County, TX leases
SBJ begins evaluation of potential leases in Alberta, Canada for exploration  and development
SBJ begins evaluation of Saratoga field Hardin County, TX leases for exploration and development
SBJ completes evaluation of Saratoga leases
SBJ completes acquisition of Archer County leases

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