SBJ Energy Partners projects are funded in part by private investors. While no investment can guarantee a return, our years of industry experience, proven E&P strategy and track record of profitable ventures make SBJ an attractive addition to your portfolio.

To date, SBJ has invested in eight properties, and continues to aggressively explore new opportunities. Provided wholesale oil and gas prices stay at or above current levels and production expenses remain consistent with previous trends, we expect strong returns on our capital investments to continue.

Up to 75% of your investment in an oil or gas venture is deductible against taxes during the year in which the investment is made. The remaining 25% can be carried forward and amortized as a tax deduction. Our goal is to provide industry partners and private equity investors with monthly income supplemented by an attractive tax break.
(Please refer to our Safe Harbor statement.* Consult your tax advisor before investing.)

Exploring New Opportunities



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