SBJ Energy Partners home office in Waco, Texas is strategically located for easy access to both current and planned leases. From here, we manage operations in Archer, Dewitt, Dimmit and Hardin Counties. Opportunities in the Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma and Alberta, Canada are being actively explored.

During the exploration phase, SBJ professionals employ a mix of traditional tools along with more recent innovations to verify reserves, including 3D Seismic Imaging, Radiometric surveys, Thermal Imaging, Hyper-spectral surveys, well analysis, traditional geology, gravity surveys, magnetic surveys, geochemical and structural surveys.

Once a site is defined, SBJ experts select the most appropriate production techniques to maximize recoveries. These may include horizontal or lateral leg drilling, water flooding, nitrogen injection, Co2 injection and other advanced techniques, as well as conventional drilling methodologies. 

Cost-effective, profitable production is dependent on deploying the right technology for each specific situation while carefully respecting applicable environmental regulations. Regardless of the techniques used, SBJ is unconditionally committed to protecting sensitive natural resources both above and below the ground.


Technological Advances
     3D Seismic Imaging

     Thermal Imaging

     Fracking Techniques

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